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From Tamsin Huggins, Ibbs&Tillet, London

Thanking Elizabeth Harwood for agreeing to take part in a lunchtime recital series, Oct-Dec 1986, and confirming details about the performances and fees.

Higgins, Tamsin (fl.1980s), Ibbs and Tillett representative

From Ibbs&Tillett, London, Telegram

Asks Harwood to respond to a performance offer. [unspecified]. Harwood is in Salzberg.

Ibbs & Tillett Ltd (1906-1990), muscial agents

From Emmie Tillett, Ibbs&Tillett

Regarding a possible performance of Cosi van Tutti with Janet Baker for the Scottish Opera in 1979/80. Additional handwritten note, hoping that Harwood's chest is better. [See EH/10/6/7.]

Tillett, Emmie (fl.1920s-1982), music agent

From Martin Campbell-White, Ibbs&Tillett

Conveying M. du Pontavice regards for Harwood's singing performance at the Salzburg Festival. Refers to Pontavice and Nekola collaborating so Harwood can do both festivals [Salzburg and unspecified].

Campbell-White, Martin (fl.1970s-present), music manager

From the Director of Ibbs and Tillett Limited

The Hull Bach Choir would like Elizabeth to sing first soprano in a performance of Mozart's Mass in C Minor on 17 Mar 1966, as well as a Mozart concert aria

Ibbs & Tillett Ltd (1906-1990), muscial agents

From Ibbs&Tillet, London, Telegram

Conveying best wishes for 'tonight'. Addressed to Harwood at the Salzburg Festival.

Ibbs & Tillett Ltd (1906-1990), muscial agents

From Emmie Tillett, Tillett&Holt

Responding to letters from Harwood, 6 Sep and 9 Sep 1965, agreeing she needs a rest until Feb 1966 and advising Harwood that Tillett has informed Norman Tucker [see EH/10/6/6]. Tillett writes of arrangements for auditions in America. On the verso ...

Tillett, Emmie (fl.1920s-1982), music agent

From Emmie Tillett, Ibbs&Tillett

Refers to performances of Cosi van Tutti with Janet Baker and asks when Harwood could do it, at the request of Brian McMaster. [See EH/10/6/4.]

Tillett, Emmie (fl.1920s-1982), music agent

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