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All died, but were some given special chance to escape? : ...So many strands of mystery around a man of many roles

From the Sunday Express. Discusses the mysterious death of Leslie Howard, who died whilst travelling in an aeroplane, shot down during the war by the Germans. Speculates as to why the Germans shot down an unarmed aircraft and suggests that Howard...

Anonymous - unknown creator

Hommage a l'Ecole Belge de Violon

From La Libre Belgique. Reviews recital given by Philip Newman and the organist Charles Hens on 24 March 1965, at the Brussels Conservatoire. See N185 for English translation

Anonymous - unknown creator

Newman on stage

Newspaper article. Announces that Philip Newman is to close the fifth Pollensa Festival. States that a concert by Philip Newman is both a great spiritual experience and an extraordinary musical event

Anonymous - unknown creator

Belgian award

Newspaper article. Announces that Pearl Newman has received the Order of Leopold on her brother's behalf

Anonymous - unknown creator

My friend, the bandit

From the Jewish Gazette. Article by Anna Eker, who had accompanied Philip Newman on the piano during the period when he studied in Berlin. Interesting account of her and her father's friendship with Philip and Harris Newman. Includes photoco...

Eker, Anna (fl.1980s)

Rich music at Pollensa Festival

From Majorca Daily Bulletin. Outlines forthcoming Pollensa Festival. Mentions that the festival owes its musical fame to Philip Newman

Anonymous - unknown creator

Magnificent close to Pollensa Festival / by Harold J. Greenberg

From Majorca Daily Bulletin. Reviews concert given by Radu Aldulescu and Angel Soler at the close of the 14th Pollensa Festival and mentions that the audience lingered to admire the bust of Philip Newman in the cloisters at Pollensa

Greenberg, Harold J. (fl.1960s-1980s)

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