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Brodsky, Anna (c.1855-1929), scientist, President of RMCM Club, writer
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Adolph Brodsky : pages 88-92 in The Strad

This article outlines Brodsky's biography and also mentions his violin, a fine Joseph Guarnerius del Gesu of 1735 and his bows, by Tourte, Hill and others. The article includes a list of Brodsky's most famous pupils. Much of the inform...

Anonymous - unknown creator

Photograph of Afanasyev

On the back is written: to my dear friend, Anna L'vovna in memory of my affection for her. Afanasyev. 1895

Afanasyev, Alexander Nikolayevich (1826-1871), ethnographer

Photograph of Ferruccio Busoni

Picture postcard of Busoni which he sends with greetings to the Brodskys, May 1909

Busoni, Ferruccio Dante Michelangelo Benvenuto (1866-1924), Composer, Pianist

Photograph of Victor Bendix for Anna Brodsky

On the back, Bendix has written Anna Lwowna Brodsky in Freundschaft von Victor E. Bendix. Leipzig 83.

Bendix, Victor Emmanuel (1851-1926), composer, conductor, pianist

Photograph of Christian Sinding

Sinding has written on the back: ‘Frau Anna Brodsky in deepest respect from Christian Sinding’.

Sinding, Christian August (1856-1941), Composer

Photograph of Egon Petri

Petri has written, in German: ‘To the honoured and dear Mrs. Dr. Brodsky in sincere and affectionate devotion. Manchester 20 July 1906’.

Petri, Egon (1881-1962), Pianist

Autograph letter signed from Olga Skadowsky to Anna Brodsky

Olga is glad to have heard from Anna and to know that they are well but is very distressed about poor Leon. She wants to go to him but cannot afford to. She has a guaranteed income where she is but would not be able to work in France. She has a...

Skadowsky, Olga (fl.1856–1940)

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