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Letter, 5 Aug 1945

Manuscript letter in which Collens advises Hubert on how to get his examinations in Manchester, advice relayed to Collens by Mrs. Moon J.P. (Mildred Esplin). It references the request to get exemption from conscription into national service in ord...

Letter, 17 Aug 1946

Manuscript letter in which Collens references a letter enclosed (not included) that Hubert can take to the Swiss Consul re his acceptance into the Lucerne Conservatoire. She hopes she will see him after is performance for lunch.

Letter, 22 Aug 1946

Manuscript letter in which Collens expresses that Hubert "will constantly be in my thoughts and prayers" whilst he is in Switzerland and not to worry if his playing don't always achieve the standards he wishes as "I know it wil...

Letter, 6 Aug 1946

Manuscript letter in which Collens apologises for giving Hubert the wrong phone number and is pleased that he has found residency in Lucerne. She mentions a separate letter is enclosed which is not included here.

Letter, 14 Jul 1944

Typescript letter with manuscript postscript, to Hubert giving him advice about his forthcoming piano examination.

Letter, 16 Mar 1947

Manuscript letter from Collens expressing her pleasure at hearing about Lapetti's good report" (Dinu Lipatti?) reminding Hubert that he is still young and to relax. She also hopes that he will enter the Geneva Festival, if only for the ...

Letter, 23 May 1948

Manuscript letter in pencil. Collens wishes that he write more frequently to her andthat she longs to learn more about his work and any performances and his plans now that his time abroad is nearly finished. She asks whether he is planning to stay...

Letter, 7 Sep 1946

Manuscript letter from Collens thanking Hubert for the update on his studies in Lucerne and congratulating him on receiving private lessons from Edwin Fischer (pianist, conductor, educator). She gives him advice on playing and performing and asks...

Letter, 16 Dec 1951

Manuscript letter in which Collens asks for news about the Geneva Festival and queries whether he should start playing in other countries such as the Hague. She relays that Curzon was in Manchester playing with the Hallé and wishes that Hubert wou...

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