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Article: "Electrical Organ Tones"

An original article from Wireless World, entitled "Electrical Organ Tones: Technical Details of the Compton "Electrone"", no author stated. It includes a photograph of the organ console, and of the inner workings. There is also...

Article from The Electrician: Student's Section.

An article taken from The Electrician, March 17th 1939: the Student's Section. This notably contains an article entitled "Electronic Music: The Fundamental Musical Requirement." It talks of the requirement to understand basic music ...

Article: "Electrical Music"

An article from World-Radio, entitled "Electrical Music", which looks into developments in the last few years in electronic instruments. These include the Neo-Bechstein, the Hellertion piano, the Trautonium and the Theremin. Includes dia...

Article: "New Organ Marvels"

  • GB GB1179 DHT-DHT/1-DHT/1/1-DHT/1/1/4-DHT/1/1/4/2
  • Item
  • ? 14/12/1933
  • Parte de D.H. Thomas papers

A cutting of an article reportedly (by DHT) from Manchester Evening News, entitled "New Organ Marvels: Small, but has Huge Range of Tone." It reports on the invention, nearing completion, of a photo-electric organ. The work was taking pl...

Thomas, D.H. (fl1920s-1930s), Manchester College of Technology student

Booklet: Le "Cellulophone", par P. Toulon

  • GB GB1179 DHT-DHT/1-DHT/1/1-DHT/1/1/1-DHT/1/1/1/1
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  • 05/1934 - 07/1934
  • Parte de D.H. Thomas papers

A booklet on the subject of the "Cellulophone". It is an extract from "la Revue d'Acoustique" volume III, and is written in French.

Toulon, Pierre (fl.1920s-1930s), inventor

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